Different Types of Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machines

Different Types of Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machines

Before buying a fiber laser pipe cutting machine, you should know it’s working principle and configuration. Moving material lasers have a stationary cutting head, but the material under it moves. This cutting machine provides a constant distance from the laser generator to the workpiece, and its output is unabsorbed by materials other than metals. The other advantage of moving material lasers is that it is small and compact. It is also suitable for large-scale production but has fewer beam delivery optics and is slower.

A fiber laser cutting machine focuses a high-power laser beam onto the workpiece. As the laser beam moves along the workpiece, it is in constant contact. Once the beam strikes the workpiece, it moves towards the slit. The auxiliary gas blowing device then removes the slag. In the case of a heavy plate, the skewed plate can be processed without losing the quality of the material.

Combo system:

This type of laser machine allows users to cut metal pipes simultaneously. The two machines use different beams to cut the same material. The Combo system is widely used in elevator manufacturing, structural steel plants, and kitchen appliance manufacturing. It can cut various metals, including copper, steel, and aluminum. And it also cuts thicker materials, such as plastics and wood.

The Combo system of pipe and sheet-based fiber laser machines is highly versatile. The main advantage of this machine is its ability to cut metal tubes with intricate patterns. It can be used in construction and assembly processes and cut square and rectangular sections. It is useful for cutting complex shapes of metal tubes. A single-mode laser can handle up to 1,000mm-diameter materials. However, this type of machine cannot process very thicker metals.

Single-mode and dual-mode:

The beam-modulation technology allows a continuous variable beam to pass through the material, regardless of thickness. The machine’s high throughput speeds are made possible by the advanced beam-modulation technology. The thickness of the material also determines the slit width. The Combo-System uses a combination of a sheet-and-pipe-based laser system. It is used to process various metals, including copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

A Fiber-laser-pipe-cutting machine can be used for simple or intricate tasks. For artistic work, a light-mode machine is most suitable. For industrial applications, a CNC machine can cut sheet metal parts with a thin wall. One type of laser cutter is a versatile and powerful tool. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient machine, choose a model with a high level of customization.